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Within five years of time, all companies will be Internet Companies or they wont be any Companies at all.

~ (Groove 1999)
About PartySpace

Empowering the party planning business, PartySpace.com provides critical reception facility and other service provider information. The web-based solution allows facility managers to maintain their calendar of availability along with other information that help in the process of preparing their display to the wide public. Automatic e-mail reminders to the managers if they forget to update their calendar is just one of the many functionalities available. The feature-rich public website helps customers choose the right place for their next event, whether it is a corporate meeting, wedding, or a family reunion. Seeing facilities side-by-side from a multitude of perspectives allows the public to select the right location, type, capacity, the right time and then contact the facility, all in one on-line web-based environment. PartySpace.com allows Jeffrey Miller Catering Co. to grasp greater market share in the business of linking end-customers and facility and service providers. Moving a part of their daily operations on-line has over time proven to be an excellent expansion strategy. The e-world has no geographical limits.
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