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Within five years of time, all companies will be Internet Companies or they wont be any Companies at all.

~ (Groove 1999)
eBusiness Developer Requirements

Developers of corporate e-business systems place exacting requirements on the technology they use to build the e-business environment, and with good reason. These developers are under intense pressure to get systems up and running quickly, as well as to accommodate changing requirements. This means that the e-business security infrastructure must satisfy specific needs for speed of deployment, flexibility, scalability, and manageability.

Speed of Deployment:
Typically, developers of e-business systems are under tremendous pressure to get applications online quickly. For example, a supply-chain application may be immediately needed to cut inventory costs and keep the company competitive as its industry moves to supply-chain integration.

The development pressure often does not go away once the initial version is up and running. The rapidly evolving nature of e-business means that requirements are also changing rapidly. As a result, new pressures mount to add more capabilities. Solutions must be flexible enough to support this pace of change.
As some organizations have found, it is extremely difficult to predict the demand for e-business applications. Applications may have to handle sharp spikes in demand, or overall use that rapidly accelerates to unexpected levels—perhaps even millions of users. To avoid a potentially disastrous inability to meet user expectations, it’s important to look for solutions that will scale smoothly.
An ecommerce solution should increase business efficiency—not create additional administrative burdens. A security solution should be easily managed, and remain so as it grows to support the organization’s expanding e-business environment.
Support for Pervasive Computing:
An e-business application and its security infrastructure must be able to handle user access “any time, from anywhere.” Over the next few years companies will expect to be able to access systems with non-traditional clients, like wireless thin client handheld devices, which are beginning to proliferate worldwide. Market-research firm IDC estimates that the number of mobile Internet users worldwide is growing at a compound rate of more than 100% a year, and will reach more than 500 million by 2004.
Businesses must plan their e-business security approaches to provide the maximum flexibility in accommodating current and future generations of these wireless devices. One approach is to channel all access, whether from mobile or desktop devices, through the same security infrastructure. This means that users can get exactly the same access rights no matter whether they are accessing systems from a desktop or mobile device. This approach also reduces the development effort because it avoids the need to build a separate security infrastructure to handle a wireless population that may grow to tens of thousands of handheld machines. These devices are handled by the scalable, reliable infrastructure that is already in place, and if security policies change the changes are automatically applied to all devices. To ensure that e-business systems are flexible enough to support this approach, businesses need to look for products that are being extended to embrace wireless access. Enterprise e-business security technology should be able to work with standards-based Wireless Access Protocol gateways, so that incoming access requests from wireless networks are directed to the existing enterprise security infrastructure, where users can be authenticated and authorized. Businesses also should ensure that the security infrastructure is extremely scalable. Typically, the requirement to support wireless access involves adding large numbers of new devices to the environment, and the infrastructure must be able to handle it.
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