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Within five years of time, all companies will be Internet Companies or they wont be any Companies at all.

~ (Groove 1999)

ECommerce Case Studies


Summit Management Services provides a wide variety of management assistance services to businesses. In the field of corporate meeting planning, they needed a comprehensive, secure on-line conference planning system that addressed their needs. (more …)


PartySpace.com is an Internet Company that serves the party planners by providing critical reception facility and other service provider information. (more …)


Wellness Music, LLC was formed out of a lifelong passion for music combined with the joy of empowering people to create their own health and wellness. (more …)


SR Designs is one of the well-known diamond traders within the exclusive community of diamond traders. In order to better disseminate their product catalog, SR Designs have developed a password-protected, easily updatable website that would allow jewelers to access product information in real time, under secure conditions. (more …)


Costumezone allows the end user to unknowingly enter into an automated system and select the particular costumes they required with minimal distraction, and secondly, having the website run completely automated and efficiently from the powerful back-end application. The main objective was to bring the entire business process online and eliminate the need to manage any part of the business through traditional means (more …)


Tradeyourcards is a safe and secure Internet portal that will allow sports card traders a place to trade their collectables. (more …)


CoCo1 (Contractors On Call Online) provides an environment for home improvement experts and homeowners to find each other (more …)


FSBOhouse is a technologically advanced Internet destination that eliminates the classic brokerage chain and constitutes a meeting place for the buyers and sellers of real estate property. (more …)


The Regional Business Partnership (RBP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve our member businesses by improving the Northeastern New Jersey region's economy, business opportunities and quality of life. In an effort to enhance the Northeastern New Jersey's climate for business development, RBP's programs and activities focus on small to mid-sized business concerns, international trade, economic development and the retention, expansion and attraction of businesses to the regio (more …)


Beny Sofer, Inc. has prided itself for over 30 years, as a true one-stop-shopping store for all diamond needs. Since the beginning, the company has grown very quickly, establishing long and profitable relationships with both individual and business customers. Already with a successful and efficient computerized infrastructure in place, the company feared changing systems, but needed to meet customers’ demands for real time information, ordering, and inventory updates. (more …)


A powerful web application that allows Simlab, an ISP based in Cedar Grove, NJ, to manage and market its array of broadband services with an easy-to-use interface. (more …)


i3 Information & Imagination, a new media software and services company providing Fortune 500 and other clients with presentation solutions on the web, laptops, and CD-ROM/DVD, needed to revamp its online presence. (more …)

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