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GoECart Ecommerce Solution

Within five years of time, all companies will be Internet Companies or they wont be any Companies at all.

~ (Groove 1999)

>> Ecommerce

          - Pros and Cons of Ecommerce
          - The Ecommerce Hypergrowth
          - The Ecommerce Functionality

>> Ebusiness

          - Why Conduct an Ebusiness Strategy ?
                    There are three main areas on which to focus the eBusiness strategy:
                    - Customers (B2C)
                    - Suppliers / Partners / Distributors (B2B)
                    - Internal Constituents

          - Conducting an Ebusiness Strategy

          - Achieving Ebusiness Success
                    - Defining The E-Business Model
                    - Strategies
                    - Knowledge Management
                    - EBM Business Process
                    - Customer Relationship Management
                    - Supply Chain Management
                    - Core Business Operations
                    - EBM Processes
                    - Summary

          - Ebusiness Myths

>> Ecom Vs Ebiz

>> Ebiz Models

                    - Brokerage
                    - Advertising
                    - Infomediary
                    - Merchant
                    - Manufacturer
                    - Affiliate
                    - Community
                    - Subscription
                    - Utility

>> Ebiz Security

                    - Introduction
                    - Technically Speaking of Security
                    - eBusiness User Requirements
                    - eBusiness Developer Requirements
                    - Specific Security Tasks
                    - A Coordinated approach to E-Business Security
                    - Monitoring Technology
                    - eBusiness relies on Security and Privacy
                    - Privacy for eBusiness

>> Cervalis.com - Press Release

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